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Titan Fitness Academy was opened in 2016 in Tweed Road, Clevedon, Since then Titan Fitness Academy has gone from Strength to Strength and in 2018, relaunched the gym in a much larger unit (Still in Tweed Road).

Titan Fitness Academy is now the Largest gym In Clevedon, with a Very Large Weights/ Machine Area, Impressive Cardio Deck, Studio, Supplement Shop, Sunbed, and plenty of Parking.

Our Facility is available on a standard and 24 Hour membership option.

We have Staff qualified in Nutrition, Personal Training, GP Referal, Weight Management, Muscular Development and more.


What our Members think

"Best atmosphere for training"     - Luke

Luke has been a member here for a little over 6 months and has grown in confidence and in size since joining. Keep up the good work!

"This place reignited my passion for training"            - Nick

Nick joined Titan Fitness Academy when we first opened and we are very happy to have him as a member.

"The knowledge and passion in this building is priceless"          - Lisa

Lisa has been a frequent gym visitor for 4 months now and enjoys the Spin Classes as part of her membership benefits.

"Great guy who owns it, knows his stuff. A**"          - Tom

Tom has lost over 2 stone since joining Titan Fitness Academy. Our biggest loser, and biggest winner a the same time. Top work!

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Click here to sign up online to Titan Fitness and recieve Gym membership, Discounts on supplements, Classes and Tanning.


We Stock a wide range of supplements in Store, Reserve or Buy online, Free Pick Up, Free Local Delivery or Post to your door.



Titan Fitness Academy

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